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Proofing Center  

Proofing Center


Features :

OnLine Proof provides everyone in the process, the Client, agency and design groups the capability of remote preview of their files, exactly as they are processed by the target RIP.

Our system allows cost and time-effective changes late in the process, without another hard-copy proof cycle.

OnLine Proof also avoids problems inherent in "multiple rip" proofing systems.

Details :

OnLine Proof serves preview data from already ripped jobs produced by our Heidelberg Delta RIP
Preflighted pages are RIPed, then hard copy and soft proofs are created from the same raster file insuring consistency.

     View your page proofs and submit for revisions or final approval via this gateway


Guide to Proofing
The navigation menu contains the following items:

Companies - This section allows you to set up and modify Company accounts.

Clients - This section allows you to set up and modify user accounts.

Jobs - This section is where you work with jobs;

Profiles - This section allows you modify your own profile.

Administrators - This section allows authorized administrators to set up and modify other admin accounts and own profile.

Settings - This section allows to control the system settings and options, modify e-mails templates and setup and select other design packs

Home - Return back to the first system page (loads first when you come into the system);

Logout - Log's out from the system

Help - Links to online Help and Documentation pages.

NOTE: If you don't have appropriate rights then some menus will not be available for you.



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